Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oakwood, Early Autumn

The color pallet of our garden has shifted away from the primaries of high Summer to more tertiaries, not quite Fall colors yet, but moving in that direction - except for the four pots of Coleus around the bench which are really spectacular as they have increased in volume throughout the year.

New this year is the rock garden with dwarf hostas, low sedems and tiny iris, guarded by the tin bird and birdbath outside the Growlery door. The bird needs a name. Next year, with the help of Lorna's friend Kendra, a water specialist, I am planning a stream snaking down the hill along side the path and falling over the rocks into a small pond surrounded by the hosta Krossa Regal. Should be nice. I have noticed I acquire plans faster than I have time to execute them. Gardens are supposedly "finished" the year after the gardener dies or moves - neither of which is in my immediate plans, but the garden is still progressing.