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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beat Down Garden

Weather wise, the garden Winter and especially the Spring was a real bitch. The rabbits stripped the bark off of a lot of the roses and apple trees (my fault), two large Italian terra cotta pots crumbled because they still had dirt in them (again my fault). The Winter lingered on for an extra month (not my fault). A late foot of exceptionally heavy snow snapped off oak branches, slammed perennials into the ground and crushed shrubs Such is the way of gardening in the Upper Midwest - "once-in-a-hundred-year" storms, floods, droughts and high winds are the norm. Periodically, a corner of the slate gets wiped clean and I get to start over again. 

Compared to the gardeners, the plants are amazingly resilient. The tree lilac in the fourth picture was 180'd; the heavy snow bent the top right over to the ground. I shook off the snow, propped it up with a forked branch and now it's as good as new. The arborvitae hedging didn't fare so well. They lost about five feet off the top. Right now they look like hell. Most broke off, but those by the Growlery just bent over. It was an opportunity - I tied a couple of them together. Now I have an archway over the garden entry. Lemonade. We'll see how it looks in a year.

Some of the tree peonies had branches crushed to the ground. I was going to tie them up after they were done with their show, but I kind of like the Japanese look. Fitting I suppose, as they are originally Japanese plants. 


Old Toad said...

Nice recovery considering the long and hard winter. Terrible for toads this year, too.

Great new look for your blog. Especially like the photo at the top.

Keep an eye out for toads crossing the path.

Elaine Toft (BloggerToots) said...

Nice, nice new blog face, not to mention the content. Am having to shoo my envy away.

Anonymous said...

Gunnar...your garden is spectacular!!! I envy it!!!


Gunnar Berg said...

Thank you.

George A said...

Great pix as usual, Gunnar. Elisabeth's peonies also did well this spring, but without the tough love which yours received.

Gunnar Berg said...

Tough. It's time the plants learned that life isn't just a bed of roses.

Grady said...

We had similar "bunny" issues with our Baffin and Winnipeg Park roses here in St. Paul. Took a radical approach and took them all down to three inches above the crowns. Experiencing strong regrowth and budding! I really like the look of the blog, especially the photography. Appreciated.