Saturday, June 10, 2017

June 2017

This is the first posting in this blog in a year or so. This is the time between Spring and Summer, the roses are starting and in a short time the lilies and daylilies will kick in. Since the last posting I cut the climbing roses down to a couple of feet so I could get at the tangle of weeds and ash trees that were growing in them. I had let it get away from me over the years and it was hard work - and prickly, spiny, and scratchy.

The view down the brick path is from the garden bench. Visitors have remarked, "I'll bet you sit there a lot with your morning coffee". Almost never; gardens are not like that, benches are mostly theoretically, something to put at the end of a path. When a gardener sits down all they see is the maintenance projects that MUST be done soon or the garden will become a jungle of weeds and brush within months. 

Below is the view from the archway through the butterfly garden path down to the lake.

Coming back up the path from the lake.

Below, the rock garden - the view from a future bench - currently just a chair and small table. The small area outside the Growlery seems to be a natural gathering space for guests and we are always trying to find enough chairs. 

Okay, now I have to go outside and work a little. 92F sunny and windier than south Texas today. Better pace myself. -  Gunnar

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