Thursday, March 7, 2013

Down the Growlery Path

(Originally posted on 1410 OakWood) 

Visitors (and myself) have been walking through dirt to get to the Growlery. I had some old 6 x 8s that had laid in the weeds out back for a couple of years. Early in the season I fashioned some primitive steps to keep from slip-sliding on the grass. I like to recycle things - I had further plans, but not much material with which to execute them. Then a couple of months ago I hit the mother lode; Lorna's sister, Linda and Larry committed to building a house next door and there were old bricks that suddenly needed a new home. The bricks had been a patio which over the years had become covered in moss and soil, so it was hard to tell how many there were. Lorna and I went into action, digging them out and wheelbarrowing them over and stacking them on the side of the Growlery. They were from the same tower as my existing path bricks, but they were various sized wedges and arcs. This made it a little challenging, but I think it gives the path more character. After I get some plants to soften the edges and moss growing in the cracks I think it will be pretty fine. 

On a run to the City Dump I noticed a particularly harsh colored flamingo sticking out of a bin, calling my name. Flamingos are nice - they are classic kitsch and they help my garden from becoming too rarefied.

Next year I'm going to put a little pocket garden in it's location, lay the pile of cement bricks, and build a couple of facing Gabus benches with wide, flat arms to set bottles on outside the Growlery door.