Monday, July 24, 2017

Water Feature

I tried taking a video of the water, but it was impossible; so here are a handful of sequence stills.

This began twenty years ago with a small galvanized "cow tank" to which I added a small pump and fountain, mostly for the birds. Over time rocks were stacked and plants were added. Now the tank is behind rocks and a row of hostas. The back half of the tank is under rocks and some creeping plants; the front of the top is an access to a pump and filter.  Eventually I think I can completely conceal the entire tank.

The pump pushes water  up the hill in a concealed pipe and enters the rock garden "spring" under a fairly large Creeping Yew.

 It flows out of the mini grotto, down a shallow stream birdbath ...

and spills over a tiny waterfall ....

... into a sunken pool, over a piece of petrified wood into a lower pool under the rocks and spills down into the tank.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lilies, Coneflowers, etc

Drop by; if we are out just walk down, find a bench and sit a spell - or if you are doing the lake walk, walk up through the weed garden. - Gunnar

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Quick Garden Tour

First, a stroll down toward the lake - the assorted cone flowers and milkweeds in the Weed Garden are starting to kick-in.

Then back up to the perennial garden where a couple of days ago the first of the Asiatic hybrid lilies and Daylilies started blooming.

It is a beautiful morning, forecast to get up to about 90F with high humidity, this afternoon - the kind of conditions that can spawn evening thunderstorms and tornadoes. No problem, we can just batten down the hatches and strap in. The plants and trees cannot.  - Gunnar