Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Red Tulips

At about the same time as we married 42 years ago my grandparents moved from the farm to a retirement home in town. My grandma Nellie gave me a bag of tulip bulbs from her garden. She had originally gotten the stock from Mrs. Andrew Hanson 30 or 40 years before that. I would guess that Mrs. Hanson probably had them for 30 years before that. I would like to tell you that the red tulip is from that stock. I cannot. After half a century of tending by good gardeners, I killed them all in about two years. 

The red tulips are pretty tough though. We bought 1410 Oakwood about 25 years ago. The tulips were planted by the previous owner, Bonnie Carr. I don't particularly like red tulips. In fact I've tried to kill them, even dig them up. They slowly come back. After 25 years I've given up and even have learned to admire them. If only for their staying power.

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