Friday, April 27, 2012

Weather Report

43F and rainy. Cold, but the earliest tree peony flowers are opening anyway. The plants are just covered with swelling buds. The mild winter seems to have allowed some plants exceptional vigor this spring.

I also noticed there are Red Admiral butterflies all over the garden. They are a butterfly that overwinters as an adult, hidden in cracks and crevasses of the tree bark. Apparently most winters kill off a high percentage. This year they gotten a free pass. 

A few Summer birds are showing up. The warbler migration is just starting. Normally they are easier to spot, but this year the trees are already leafed out. With my old eyes I will be able to see them, but only I.D. them by their habits. Oh, and yesterday the wrens showed up and are in the process of sorting out their territories. Amazingly combative little bits of warm feather.  

I'll try to get the camera out tomorrow and take some pictures. It's too damned cold today, and I have to get to cleaning the floors anyway.

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