Thursday, July 23, 2015

Butterfly Garden

The perennial garden really starts up at the garden bench in a formal (by my standards) area and becomes more natural and free-flowing as it tumbles down toward the lake. This jumble of wildflowers falls down the slope to the gravel lane by the lake. I think it has finally grown past the watchful eyes of THE CITY and what they perceive as "weed" control measures. (People seem to be slowly becoming more aware of the need for "wild places" even in cities.) Due to continued seeding, by next Spring this it will be double in size and should fill nicely in two years, heavy in Milkweed species - probably even a bit larger than the formal garden. Next summer I will hack a mulch-paved path, dead through the heart of it, to unpainted rough wooden steps down to the gravel lake lane. Two years. Stay tuned.

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Redwing said...

Looking forward to the butterfly photos.