Monday, July 6, 2015

Sweet Right Now

Sometimes it all works and the colors come together almost perfectly. Yeah, I know you big red flower people think it needs more of a color pop, but pfft! it's my garden and my pallet.

Since your last visit I lifted the rather wobbly brick steps at the end of the main brick axis and replaced them with more stable fake slate concrete pavers. They look okay and won't break your ankle.

This is where the bricks migrated to over the weekend, replacing the previous gravel step treads. There was a couple of housefuls of family for three days, wonderful laughing toddlers running through the garden as I worked. :-) Besides the brickwork, I lifted and divided enough plants to fill a garden for Addy and Kate. By the time the weekend was over I was tired. I'm still playing around with the rock placing around the steps and planting plants in the cracks. 

I'm not certain the two dwarf daylilies work and probably be replaced with small ferns.

Below is a view of the lake through the in-process butterfly garden below the main garden.

Be well, keep moving,

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